Concentrated abiotic stress preventing pure Ascophyllum nodosum biostimulant with primactive effect.

Powerful primactive abiotic stress prevention activity when applied before stress events such as heat, cold, drought, changing growth stage, etc.
Broad application window suitable for use from emergence until post-harvest.
Contains fresh Ascophyllum nodosum from the exclusive Gentle Extraction process.
Help minimise abiotic stress related losses and maximise harvest profitability.
Its acidic pH has excellent compatibility for foliar application and leaf uptake.
Enhanced germination, root growth, flowering and fruit setting by promotion and tissue protection.

Concentrated abiotic stress preventing pure Ascophyllum nodosum biostimulant with Primactive effect

Phylgreen is a powerful abiotic stress preventing biostimulant based on fresh, and natural, gentle extracted Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, that has the Primactive effect.

When applied before abiotic stress events the primactive effect exploits the biostimulant properties of the mannitols, alginates and polyphenol anti-oxidants that are present in Phylgreen to reduce stress severity, helping maximise yield and profitability.

The strong and well researched primactive abiotic stress preventing mode of action of Phylgreen clearly indicates that, where possible, application prior to the onset of stress events, such as adverse climate, will give maximum effect and benefit to the crop.

Phylgreen is suitable for use at almost all stages of crop growth as a foliar spray, where the slightly acidic nature of the product makes it highly compatible when tankmixing, and it is also suitable for fertigation.**

* Please, this is not a legal classification. Be aware that this product might not considered as biostimulant according to local legislation. Contact our Rovensa Next team in your country to know which is the legal situation of this product in your area.

**Rovensa Next is a global business unit that delivers solutions for agriculture around the globe. The information shared here may vary depending on the geography. To confirm the product is available in your country or in case of any questions or for additional information, please contact us using the provided form. Thank you.

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