Research and Development

Accelerating a revolution in agriculture.

Our undaunted investment in scientific research stems from a trust in its capacity to solve many of our challenges. In fact, we invest more than 6% of our revenues in R&D and regulatory activities. We aim to develop new biosolutions that replace or complement conventional crop products.

We develop biosolutions for a more sustainable future.

We invest continuously in scientific research to develop novel sustainable solutions that protect and nourish crops, while mitigating agriculture’s environmental footprint.

100 Especialistas en I&D e innovación
Investment in R&D and Regulatory Affairs
1 %
Masters and PhDs in the field of Agriculture
+ 0
84 Colaboraciones con centros de investigación y universidades
Partnerships with research centres and universities
+ 45
3000 Empreados en Rovensa Next
R&D and innovation specialists
+ 48
R&D laboratories, excellence centres, fields and greenhouses.

Our research areas

Check out our main R&D areas:

Agricultural Bionutrition

Agricultural Biocontrol

Agricultural Adjuvants and Correctors

R&D Capabilities

How we invest and improve performance

R&D Collaborations

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Activities to transition to a greener future.

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We help you accelerate the green transition. We offer broad local knowledge and global technical assistance.

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