Enhanced Crop Quality  

Farmers face the challenge of improving crop quality and shelf-life while also meeting consumer demands for healthier, more sustainable food.

Para ello, contamos con un amplio catálogo de productos desarrollados para mejorar la calidad y rendimiento de las cosechas.

Mejora de la calidad de las cosechas

Our specific range of biosolutions enhances yield by stimulating natural plant processes and providing specific nutrients throughout the growth cycle.

These solutions include biostimulant products such as microbial extracts, amino acids and seaweeds, as well as specific bionutrition solutions tailored to the needs of different crops.

How we help you:

Through biosolutions developed to meet crop needs from seed to shelf.

By product categories

By grower needs

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We help you accelerate the green transition. We offer broad local knowledge and global technical assistance.

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