Rovensa Next named as a leader in biocontrol industry in DunhamTrimmer’s 2023 Global Biocontrol Market Report

DunhamTrimmer LLC, the leading market research firm serving the global biocontrol industry, released its latest edition of the 2023 Global Biocontrol Market Report, in which it names Rovensa Next, as the business unit of Rovensa Group specialised in biocontrol products, as one of the top 10 leading global companies in the biocontrol industry.

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The report scored over 120 companies based on DunhamTrimmer’s proprietary Consolidated Strength Rating (CSR), which considers product portfolio, global footprint, innovation and disruption, and top line revenue. Companies are distributed into four groups, with the top group representing those that are rated the highest across the four criteria.

Biocontrol Market Expected to Reach $15.2 bn by 2029

There are a variety of factors driving the growing awareness of the need to secure our future global food supply. On one hand, we are collectively confronting global challenges including population growth, climate change, and geopolitical uncertainty which have led more people to recognise the burgeoning issue at hand. At the same time, consumers are calling for more transparency in the food chain, regulators and corporations are demanding more sustainable solutions, and growers are concerned about their future profits.

The combination of all of these has sparked a major call-to-action for companies in the agricultural industry to provide sustainable solutions that can help us to ensure global food security in the future.

This need is clearly reflected in DunhamTrimmer’s prediction that the biocontrol market will reach $15.2 billion by 2029. This represents a double-digit CAGR of 11.1% from 2023-2029.

While more mature markets such as the Western EU and US/Canada are beginning to slow in terms of biocontrol growth, the market is growing strongly in LATAM and Asia. DunhamTrimmer predicts that LATAM will not only be on par with the EU and US/Canada in biocontrols but has the potential to become the global leader in the next decade.

This report demonstrates the great potential of biosolutions as the agents of change in sustainable agriculture and the industry, and the essential role that Rovensa Next plays in shaping a sustainable future for agriculture and driving its bio-transformation.

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